Scopely is asking for a feedback


Let’s give em feedback lol

  1. What do you think of TWDRTS?
  • Very dissatisfied
  • Dissatisfied
  • Somewhat dissatisfied
  • Neither satisfied or dissatisfied
  • Somewhat satisfied
  • Satisfied
  • Very satisfied

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  1. What, if anything, do you dislike about TWDRTS?
    Prize structure, p2p oriented gameplay atm, exploiting and cheating, feedback ignoring.
  2. What, if anything, do you like in TWDRTS
    Combat system, design, new features implementation, prestige tokens wheel

Let’s make sure @kalishane will actually receive this feedback and will send it to guys who’s interested(if anyone)



They will retain only the positive feedbacks and ignore the bad (also called realistic) ones



I responded “dissatisfied” and it let me finish it :thinking:

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Too much to even write as it’s all been chronicled in the forums…lol even a vet like me is getting deferred from the game. & this holds some sedimentary value to me being my go to game when I recovered from back surgery stuck in bed for months On end in absolouty the worst pain. Now that pain is seeing the game just nose dive into a mountainside.



As we can see, 2-3 percent are happy how things are going, the right amount which CEO or whoever he was spoked about :slight_smile:



Honestly, I gave up on the feedback nonsense. They are simply not listening and if you’d look at the upcoming solo levelup prizes you’d realize. 500k milestone for epoxy resin, welding rod and 4500 ascendance medals, so worth.

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@kalishane, when you’re back at the office, could you please shed some light why this👆🏻 is happening after numerous threads about how awful prizes are? Are you guys trolling or something like that?



Lol that 1%…



I’m very dissatisfied that’s why I’m going to quit after this CRW.
I’m done with those rewards. Spencer was the last "#@%$% that I’m going to tolerate.



Two hours to match Cross region war and you ask for feedback? What do you think if you need to wait two hours on the way home daily?



Also can all of you answer the second and the third questions to make it as obvious as we can, which things in particular are the most annoying to you, like a rant thread but that would be taken seriously

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Pick any 3 threads near the top of this forums and you have your answer more or less. For me it is quality of rewards, lack of ascendable and ridiculous milestones rounding out the top 3.



lets start with the positive, what I like:

  • artworks
  • combat

now what I dislike:

  • everything else

hell, why tf am I still playing this game?



Because of a sense of monetary and physical time investment

or you’re like the rest of us who continue to pound our collective heads into a brick wall hoping for change.



Not happy with the fact that no matter how many times scopely asks for our feedback they will always ingnore our thoughts and complaints . The milestones in level ups are unrealistic and the amount of level up events are just too much . Finally the prizes in events just arent worth the time and effort . @kalishane take notice of this because ive read forum posts and replies and im simply saying the same as around 98% of the games players



Thanks for creating this Eternal Enemy!

It’s also really helpful for me to see what people do enjoy since there’s not much talk of that. It’s good for my perspective too.

Also, has anyone been clicking on these and are you being directed to a “Thank you” page without answering questions? This has been happening to me.






I enjoyed the Siddiq CRW cause we got a good reward and had an incentive to go all out. Ive disliked most event prizes and milestone rewards since maybe the Abraham 1 million milestone lvl up.



as soon as I answer dissatisfied…boom

survey ends after first question and I am kicked from survey


This has been tested over and over.

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I can’t say as I like the prestige token wheel,since it’s gotten better for others I’ve only gotten 4 stars,there is nothing prestigious about 4 stars at all so why they’re e an on the wheel is a mystery, kinda goes in direct opposition of “prestige”

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