Scopely interaction?


Has JB been posting in the past few weeks, other than the calendar update?

Seems responses from Scopely have been pretty quiet after anniversarygate.


Yes, he’s had quite a few interactions. You can always check the ‘Dev Tracker’ here on the forums to get to his account and look at his activity. Shortcut link:


I used to see his posts more, but I guess I’ve just been in different threads than him. Cool beans.


It’s been quiet since they stopped allowing anyone other than the community manager to speak with. It’s the weekend and I’m sure he’s off.


Kalishawn recently returned.


Yeah, I was going to say except for the occasional one from Shawn but he only posts on features and technical things not really to answer general questions.

Still, you gotta admit it’s not as much fun without the combat guys around. At least for me. I enjoyed getting a bit of insight on the inner workings of the game.


It still is the best thread…

Devs need to get paid… And time they spend surfing the forums is time they aren’t updating scrabble… or whatever.


You’re making an assumption. How do you know it wasn’t on there own free time?


Wait, no more discussion with combat guys?! When did this happen? They were awesome


He seems to be on Discord a lot. Harder to get away with ignoring people there I guess.


Michonnegate happened and then the gag order was issued. Haven’t heard a peep from either one of them since even though they have visited the forums.


That is a great damn shame


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