Scopely in the news again Valued at how much

See scopely in the news.

Worth how much money??
I am at least comforted that they won’t reply to the media either! Lol

Okay then

When they pitch to investors, I wonder if they actually are transparent about the piss-poor standards they have in their own games, especially TWD:RTS. Bet they even covered up all the debacles that have happened lmao

This must be why their giving us a f2p disarm and decap for season 3 hmmmmm…


Explains them going so hard on offers of late push sales up for the valuer.


Also loving this guilty-ass statement. Very typical of Scopely.


They probably replied we have nothing to say, keep on surviving…


:exploding_head: is what my head does when i try to get a straight answer from support, with all that money you would think that they could afford a support team that actually knows wtf is going on and not a bunch of De de de’s that just copy paste some form letter excuse!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Yer drives me mad

Scopely commented “Keep on Surviving”


Yeah that is what they tell people who cant get ahead of the gd whales and p2p

Everyone in this thread


Is this why the servers suck? Because it really feels like your using AOL dial up sometimes


The OP and others thinking they are on to something with this article.

Bahahahaha :rofl: yes it is potato ass AOL, its those little free trial disks they used to give out that the servers are run on :rofl:


That comment coming from someone giving reference to a certain letter for the longest time is simply shameless. Those sitting in the glass house should not throw stones at others.

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Don’t we need jackets or something to level them up tho? idk Careful what we wish for(coff shield Andrea)

Is it an extra 125M on the overall companys’ value?
Daaaamn spenders, you could make your own company with all those money!!!
How about buy me an ice cream? Or candys?
I would be happy xD!

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Amazon worth 177 billion and still repackaging used items and selling as new. Scopely aren’t so different lol.

Had him pop in a SR team today and ruin a level for me… so.awesome.