Scopely...I PROMISE you’d make more money if

…you would actually make the odds better of actually getting something decent every once in a while. When you make your odds a fraction of a percent, do you know what happens? What happens is a handful of whales keep dumping money…but everyone else who pays only occasionally goes, “well…I just spent $20…$40…$60 and I got a bunch of useless 4* players and 400 stuffed chihuahuas which are useless to me…I don’t think I ever want to spend money again!”

If players actually got something GOOD one out of every four or five times they spent $10 bucks…I bet they’d be WAY more likely to spend again! And truly…why would you care if players got decent rewards? I’m not sure why it makes any difference to you…you will just keep building more and more powerful toons and those great rewards you gave away will soon need to be replaced…and players will spend to get them if they don’t feel shafted every time…just a thought


I’d change that to 2 or 3, not 4 or 5 :stuck_out_tongue:

They honestly dont seem to understand this lol or understand that someone would buy energy or trainer offers etc if the game wasnt such a mess as it is now

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Agreed…or buying things for small amounts of money…I might pay a buck for 5 raid cans…but their offers seem to start at 8 bucks, then 15, 20, 30 and then 100…

I might buy coins if it didn’t cost me 20 or 30 bucks for a 10 pull…especially when I know that unless I get a decent ascendable (which…based on odds…I probably won’t) that what I got of use for my 20 or 30 bucks…is absolutely nothing of value.


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