Scopely, I lost my account please help me please fast

Scopely, today I just got thought that I need to go to my another account through Facebook email ( link account button ) then I just went through the account and when I again went to the link account and typed my email which leads to my main account it still shows the previous account. please help me i know the account code of my main account. I can text you if any of the scopely member messages me please help me out fast . please I need that account

thanks ladygeek waiting for your reply

If you have made a purchase in the past, the best thing to do is to open a ticket in-game on the device you want to play on. Tell them you want your main account to be moved to your new device. You will need to provide enough information to identify your main account (in game name, region, faction, level, account code if possible) and provide a copy of your receipt.

i didnt make any purchase on game im f2p

any more ways please

You just have one device and one account?

i have two accounts one is main and other one created a long ago didnt use it. can u help me get my account back using any informartion of my account or game details without any paid stuff

Get a second device. Do not unlink the account on your first device. Install game on your second device, run through tutorial until you can get to the menu. Link to the Facebook account - it should pull the old account to that second device and (hopefully) restore your main account onto the first device.

i just did it and it links that facebook account to the which i just tutorial. is there a way for you to find the email account which is linked with my main account if i give my account code

can anybody help me


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It’s supposed to do that. It should move the account off of your first device onto the second. Go back to your first device, what account is there?

does that mean i havent linked my main account to my facebook account. i think it does but when i was in my main account it showd unlink account so it means i have linked my account. btw a log back ago i changed my email address from one to another of my facebook account.

Can’t really understand what your saying, it doesn’t make sense. So you unlocked your main account to go to another account? You need to chill, their support isn’t great because of the coronavirus, so they won’t reply fast. Obviously ladygeek is trying to help you

You have to got to their support for this in-game. This issue isn’t solvable on the forums. Either that or get on their discord chat

im going to say everything i did from starting

first i played the game from a long time on a android phone, the game was linked to my mothers facebook account which she doesnt use it at all. so some months ago she thought to delete her facebook account. i thought it would delete my game progress. so i went o youtube and searched for how to change email address of a facebook account. and i changed it from my mothers email to my email adddress. so after that i went to link account and typed my facebook details which actually was my moms. it agreed. meanwhile i also have my another facebook account which was official ( completely mine this is not from my mothers account. yesterday i remembered that i had an other account so i went to link account and typed my official facebook account. and it took me there i was there for sometime only just about 5 minutes after that i again went to link account and typed my main game account facebook detailes then it stayed in that notmain account game . it says that that facebook address( which was my mothers but which i changed it mine) was the first time i logged to the game but i playd with that account in my main game . ok this is what happened

i think this all happened beacuse i changed my mothers email address to my gmail address on facebook

We have no way of knowing which Facebook account is tied to which game account or how the game reacts when a Facebook email is changed. Open a ticket with support, they’re the only ones who can move accounts around.

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