Scopely, how out of touch are you?

People have been screaming for something to do with their chihuahua plushies and you did do something.

The reason people have been asking for something is to unload all these plushies they got for their hard work potentially finishing top in solo and faction events. These people could have been unlucky and not pulled enough to cash in on Romanov or may not want him. How does ANOTHER Romanov help those people.

This isn’t that hard you’ve done it in previous events, just give us something minor like 1000 5* tokens for 2000 plushies and there problem solved. Give us tokens, cans, mod scraps, arena tickets literally anything useful please.

Currently I am on 12,000 and so for my effort in recent tournaments I’ve had no real prize. I remember the days where the top 3 factions got several pulls worth of 5* tokens guaranteeing 5* with potential for ascendables but now we have to play a lottery for a toon I already have several of.


You are giving them too much credit. They didn’t add another Romanov on purpose. They just reset the event.


They dont care. It has been management by crisis for a few months

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Give power to the community managers that actual talking to people is the easy fix.

Somewhere the message is getting lost, and I’m not convinced it’s at HQ. Revenue is decreasing so it’s in their interests to make increase them. Once I was told by my superior “It is not how much you work, but how much people THINK you work”

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A lot! that’s evident from their work this year.

they dont really care lol. they still get enough earnings while spending minimal effort. they can then concentrate on other cashcows or other games. its not gonna change, but no one is forcing u to like it or keep playing anyway.

That makes me wonder why the mega whales keep pulling for Petes and Priyas then, if they knew Scopely just wanna milk them?


Because for some it is like spending a few pennies to get Priya or Pete so why not?

thousands of dollars are few pennies?

Relative to their incomes or bank balance, yes.

You totally don’t get my point. If their bank balance is 7 figures so £1000 for a toon is like pennies to the working class…its all relative

Agree for some people he could be useful but for most off us he isn’t the greatest and other people didn’t get as lucky and might of gotten nothing in return but I also understand that if it was a new better toon the people how got Romanov would complain as there’s a better toon in its place and have wasted their plushies

You can save your plushies for a future event.

I love that they took all my tokens away then reset the event and left me with nothing (Pure Class move from Scopes)

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for someone who is earning 7 figures in the West, i assume they will be smart enough to not invest in pixels that get outdated in 2 weeks unless they like gambling simulators too much, they rather invest in better sources of game entertainment like home gaming consoles and VR devices. Thats a better long term investment. What i have seen and read from testimonials on forums a lot of these mega whales are not super rich. Instead i suspect a lot of them have gotten their shiny new S-class from “other sources” for cheaper.

But then again who gives a sh#t. It is what it is i guess!

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Well that sounds great but it still doesn’t make them an adequate reward for high placement in tournaments

Game’s on life support. Most people are probably working on looney toons or star trek or a new ip.

I got 1st in 2 level ups and a Raid and with those 30+ pulls for summer token, i ony have 17k plush. I did get the Kal and a few 5* pulls however.

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