Scopely Hiring new Meta Designer and LiveOps


Improvements on the horrizone? Hopefully something will change!



Downside: Must become new punching bag on forums.


Those postings have been out there a while. No one wants those toxic jobs.


I think i can translate my current job into that role quite nicely, I currently fill the role of a patsy in a three card monte scheme, i’m the guy that’s next to the guy that wins and is always LIKE WHOAAAA, no way, incredible.

What kind of insurance ya’ll got at scopely? is drinking on the job frowned upon or is it encouraged, I have sort of a rain man thing going on when I drink. @kalishane, if you guys and gals need a regular joe to bounce stuff off of i’m your gho


They need to fire every single person working on this game and start fresh … these devs are clueless


Immediately Countermanded by t5 6*s, and thus adding a flat level 100 and further starving the playerbase of gear necessity. Also you juat fucked the entire ability of ascension and everyones accts must now start over from square 1 :stuck_out_tongue:


Your comment made me find these in my library of useless pics…


Agrajag, CombatDevil, and ComBatman aren’t clueless. They’re devs.

It’s LiveOps, the ones behind the event design and reward structure (according to Kalishane) that need a wake up call.

Meta design isn’t great either. A savvy meta designer would NEVER have phased out 5* completely, even if the community had asked for it (which I still strongly doubt)


Yeah Pagen!!! FTJ!


No…5s would have eventually phased out entirely but not at t3. Only four or five 5s are still viable based on the current meta with the leads available (Priya, Blue Chonne, SR Zeke, Green Heath, and AbDef Yellow Chonne to my knowledge). The T4 curve ahould have made them finally redundant or not anywhere as useful but the Miragate patch before crw beat that into the ground.


Well… At least one of the still viable 5* toons is free.


3 of em are. Sr zeke is work, green heath and chonne are or were in the 5* wheel (Got chonne from there i believe)


Fair enough.

At least one of them is free and doesn’t rely on the needle in a haystack RNG.


On that…yeah i agree.
Fucking name should be TWD:RNG


I love that people still use 5stars on defense makes them so much easier to beat


I still use a few 5 stars on defense. The only viable shield now is michone with absolute defense. SR Zeke is still usable behind carl. I’ve gone up against top teams with priya who is still effective behind carl, especially with 2 shivas that have huge bonus to AP and stun claws.


Ive seen a team that went 8% ap on Negan, Huge on attack on Priya with 35% sef, carl lead, with shiva and abdef chonne…turn two confuse followed by turn 3 confuse. Nasty damn setup that, done right with damaging yourself, is near impossible to recover from. Esp if chonnes abdef keeps proccing to prevent ap gain


Good news scopely, I’ve been promoted, so i’m no longer the guy that’s like “WHAAAAAaa no way, you just won 1,000 dollars, let me get my money…whoops i’ve seen to have left my money at home” guy…

wait a minute… new promo comes out…factionmate single pulls…gets awesome character… other faction mate is like WHAAAAAAAa,no way just got that, with one pull, are you serious??? , I then pull and get garbage

OH snap we work in the same industry, what union are you guys represented by, I wonder if I can request a transfer


Yeah I’m saying I love people who think that way cause I can tell u, any configuration u mentioned I’m beating


Then congratulations, thats most non top facs and a few in smaller regions or with less spend happy people. Seeing priya on several very good lineups has made me convinced that shes still viable against all but 2/3 shiva teams.