SCOPELY... have you guys lost your minds?!

I seen that.

Thanks fella :heart:

Ment to be secret admire message :frowning: jk. Chief what faction are you in. I see you in the forums but not in game play

You showed up to the right forums!

I was in pandas till November now I’m floating till I can transfer :slight_smile:

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I rather buy a Burt for 200k in the supply depot

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Thats a good deal and they may never do that shit again.

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Not a good deal

Next time you go shopping donate to a charity instead of these buttclowns ,please.

Wowwww the offers dude has got some high grade stuff in the scopley crack pipe today :hushed:

Some of these offers are insane

Maybe their offers are RNG based too… everything else in their game is :joy:

Hopefully they put the offer up enough times. If we get lucky with the rng and get 6k markers the Burt will only cost $825. Bad rng and will have to pay $2,000 for him. Still not a bad deal imo.

Better yet I can get a $2000 Aden. Or that platinum mod on sale only $3,600 with bad rng. Scopely please make this offer purchasable an unlimited amount of times!

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