SCOPELY... have you guys lost your minds?!

Just have an offer for donations… it would be less insulting than this crap!


Yeah . That would be better

Man 650 coins for 100 trainers is a great deal


100 specific to persona… which could be cool if fac level up actually accurately tracked the objectives but that’s been broken for god knows how long!

100 burts for 650 coins which is $10… really think the burt xp is worth $10 with s class?


Think that’s their goal? Spike prices so high we start to believe $10 for tiny increments of xp is suddendly worth it?

Note that 100 of those trainers is 150,000xp so about 230 xp per coin
Coining 2 ygl would be about 750 coins and give 200k xp so about 267 xp per coin
So it’s actually cheaper just to coin your scav mission! #math


$25 for an insignificant amount of depot points and $40 for 1 weapon craft attempt? Theyve actually lost their minds.

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90% of my coins come from Tapjoy, so I don’t think of 650 coins as monetary. But I see your point and I agree. Lol

Good post many. I though on posting something similar. These deals seem like a smack in face to the community. Looking at us like idiots and would by what ever. Scopely seem lost and dont have their A team on this game no more. I predict this going be a worst year for scopely. Which they might consider ditching the game

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People MUST be buying them or theyd stop. They’ve been expensive shit for quite some time imo.

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The worse thing for me here is that they are finally selling plat mods straight up :confused:

Bc everyone wants a daze resist after Angel’s release… what’s worse is that offer is random! Not even set or type specific :face_vomiting:

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Don’t get my hopes up man, this game will scrape the bucket(haha just thought about buckets) for as long as it can.

They’re money hungry but they’re stupid as well. You wanna make a load of money? Lower the cost and availability of war cans. Everybody would buy them. You’d have no f2p left lol would technically make no odds to players cos everybody would be buying more so it would still kinda be the same outcome.

Wars would be longer but I’d for sure have more fun with more cans


Chief where have you been?

In a small hole of misery and despair…oh wait thats where I am now…


People actually buy 6k survival markers for $25?

For serious, I don’t know whether I’m just an incredibly boring ass, cheapskate F2P who lives in his own world of frugality


No shit captain obvious. They’ve done this since the beginning.

I dunno man they must do. Like why keep making these dumb offers if nobody buys em? Id love to see scopelys data…

Great to see you back

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