Scopely has weekend employees?

So in the middle of a match just about an hour ago, one of our players received a 24 hour suspension pop up. He probably did something to deserve, no idea what, not what I’m questioning. But, the timing of it. I’m surprised since I thought all reports were reviewed by a human, and humans don’t work weekends at Scopely that I’m aware of as evidenced anytime something needs fixed. So are we sure reports are not reviewed by automated computer programming or are human Scopely workers really around on the weekends, and just pretend not to be when truly needed? :thinking::thinking:

Maybe they review and then there is a delay between them reviewing the ban and it starting real time in game.

Kinda like ppl setting emails to be sent at 3am when they’re really fast asleep.

And good on scopely for banning problematic players at the most inconvenient time for them.


Has happened to me during a CRW in the past as well. Insulted a faction in the forenoon and got a 24hrs bän a few hrs later in the afternoon. :boom::clown_face::boom:

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Its automated, anyone who says different has no better idea how it works than anyone else they are just parrotting what they have been told by Scopely. Believe them or believe all of the evidence to the contrary, up to you…

If the rate of things getting fixed was the metric, no one at Scopely works during the week either :laughing:

They probably contract the review out to someone else, who uses people in a cheaper place who will work weekends.


Lol I love the assumption that humans dont work weekends. If you think someone is monitoring the game you are out of your mind. I dont “work” weekends but I’ll do mundane tasks watching tv sometimes. This would certainly fit in that scope.

@DrJank is pretty close. Support works weekends, LiveOps and engineering are on call.


I imagine it’s a pretty sensitive topic re: scopely outsourcing work out to people who work for less?!

On an unrelated note, they still don’t pay you do they?

In an interesting paradox, I wouldn’t do it if I got paid.


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