Scopely has lost touch of their game

I am sure almost everyone on here knows that scopee has been out of touch for a very long time. They do things that do not make sense, call them mistakes, then ignore players and or just release new content with more issues. The problem with territory is a very good example as the territory reset has been a problem for pretty much a year.

Here is another example of the latest road map. The team reccomendation is S7. A player is limited to 5* and 130 dog tags which tops out at S4+ team. So by all rights you should not be able to complete this map as a S4 is a long ways off from S7 if you ha e ever raided.

You may recall a few months back they made a mod map where the team reccomenation was A++ team and S8 teams failed totally to complete it. It was like all of a sudden game character had 10x the abilities out of no where.

Why is scopley going to wake up and at least put some effort in?


I did that map with an S1 team lol


I just hit auto fill all the way through, zero challenge whatsoever


Don’t even look at the tags, if you have a full-maxed out team and/or a crapload of battle items, then this roadmap shouldn’t be a problem.


Who the hell cares about “recommended team grade”?


When it’s walkers does the team grade even apply?

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Walkers = heavy crit team, easy peasy

They NEVER cared about this game. They take take take from us gullible players and when you ask for help they ignore you. They use their support not as a tool for fixing problems but as a shield to protect themselves from us. I came to them with a genuine issue. They basically called me a liar. I begged for assistance on this site from those whose job it is to help and they left me on read. No other company with paying customers would do that. There is ZERO accountability here at all. Why are we all still here?


Maybe you finally got g u d? :wink:

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I used an all 5* red team with lead crit and crit weapons… my exp. Was smooth as butter.

However I do get that it can be annoying how the people who prepare and describe the content clearly don’t play the game. Other maps have had “errors” where characters had 7k damage, or hp… It’s annoying to have to point out issues that they should be able to test and know about before introducing the maps to the game, but idk… I guess the standards when it comes to this company are pretty low…

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Go play outside …


The good old days…

One word… addiction, like the others. :man_shrugging:

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That’s EXACTLY what it is @Zippy04

I think that was a visual bug. As roadmaps designed for 6* say S7+

Those roadmaps can be done with 4*.

hey if ur having trouble wit the lvl just do a benny team with crit weaps :ok_hand:

It has nothing to do with what team you where able to beat it with. It’s to do with the fact nothing makes sense in this game and makers have lost touch. Just like the tittle says…

Trying to make a point here…

I just want to know when was scopely every in touch with the game? Lol

did it just fine with my S1++ zombie team

Like more than half of you either didnt read the post or just didnt understand it. Lot of you letting your ego pop off bout how easy the roadmap was, maybe read the post and comprehend the content next time lol come on twd rts community you all cant really be this dumb