Scopely, give us something to counter active skills

Make impair cover active skills!
Make slow cover it!
Just for the love of God give us an ability to slow/stop active skills, a lot of them are absolutely game breaking.
Mia is a big example of this.
You impair her while she’s alive but she can still use her ■■■■■■■ active skill because of Outlast.

Taunt, confuse and stun already counter active skills.



If they did that, what would be the point of Daze? :thinking:


Stun or taunt her before she dies. Problem solved.

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Absolutely wild, let’s just get rid of all active skills and abilities

That’s just stupid imo… there’s toons like violet and league sandy who’s active is the only good thing about them.

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dafuq is that! :thinking:
a fox?
a cat??
a kid???

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The answer is “yes”


Shh Hornet

why should a dead mia revive another toons stupid step by scoply 1st place

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