Scopely, give us another 30


We rank higher and work our ass off getting the milestone just for the cake but only got 45 while the lower rank suppose to have only 30 but instead they got double rewards… its not possible to take that back but i ask that you do something to be fair for everyone. GIVE US WHO RANK HIGHER ANOTHER 30!



Agree. Scopely has to make it even for everyone


Idk if only the people with 30 got it or not, but so far I only saw 30 get doubles


I only got one 30, so unless they give me another thirty I disagree with this.


I want my extra 45 tokens too. And the worst thing is that it bugged for some people. They took a big part of their cakes to the second leaderboard. They have a big headstart and i have to work my ass off to get 45 again.


They don’t correct mistakes. There was once a glitch where people repeatedly got a character from the depot and some ended up with dozens and sold them on.

The response?

Some people got lucky and we’re doing nothing about it because it was only whales that benefitted!


And mostly they got the double reward on their second Account, couldnt be a coincidence.


Ss from about 7 minutes in


Got only 30, no double


What glitch are u talking about? The Wendy glitch? Cuz that benefitted anyone who was online and in war at that time, whale or not. Y’all ftps need to stop bein so salty all the time, if u don’t want to spend that’s fine but stop blaming people who do for every little thing you don’t like, it’s ridiculous and makes you look jealous AF.


I got 45 tokens for 1285 cakes on my main, 2x30 tokens for 350 cakes on my alt lmao

And then i saw too that leaderboard wasnt reset for many players so cakes from 1st round counts on 2nd.

I dont know what to think about this event should try hard this time and hit all milestones again or fk it…


I got 60 tokens on my main and haven’t even used my other accounts since the anniversary event began


Pretty sure it was Viktogate, that one only folks spending got the benefit, he seems rather happy with the pull :rofl::joy:


Ahh Viktorgate. The beginning of Kalishane’s heel turn :joy:


And being a presumptuous churlish curmudgeon is just plain sad. I’m neither f2p nor a whale. I’m just reporting what happened. Go back to lurking.


Viktorgate ooooh. So basically sour at the people who were lucky enough to do their pulls during it what… a year ago? Gtfoh. Salty salty salty


I would have been too, my pulls are normally horrid, but don’t begrudge those who were able to get all of them. Good for them in fact.


Same thing happened to me, 45 on my main, 2 x 30 on my alt lol


I find it funny how JB said they were going to take time and make sure the totals were right. Yet things are messed up. Right now I’m only seeing people who got 30 tokens getting twice that and many are saying their alt account got the double when they barely even used the alt account. I’m not mad at the people for getting extra, lucky for them! But scopely can’t seem to get things straightened out. Best way to fix it is to send everyone who didn’t get, an extra 30 but that won’t happen. And I don’t really care about getting a handout. Just more issues on Scopely’s end.


Its not all people who got 30 for sure. I got 30 even tho i thought i was in the 45 realm regardless i got 30 and only 30 no 2nd amount then or after.

So yea just more completely unfair practices in a game in which money should be the only thing that seperates people and gives an advantage. Instead their screw ups harm large portions of the community and whether its immediate or down the line when certain people end up with extra pulls or gear ect…

You can sit there an say its only this or that much but unless you pay and pay well every tiny ounce that puts you behind is another nail in your coffin cause you cannot catch up its not feasible in any real way unless you pop out the wallet.

People who defend these monkeys should really get a clue.

Their endless screw ups and screw overs are what needs to stop. Not the posts highlighting the bullshit so it isnt always just instantly swept under the rug without notice.