Scopely getting shown some serious love by WWE fans


I laughed way too hard at this lmao.

Fan Sign of the year

The WWE game must have constant Level Ups and crap odds too


The WWE game players be giving Foxtrot hell on Twitter :joy: They hate Scopely and are more vocal through social media about it


Makes me wonder how many people googled Scopely after seeing that watching wrestling. Prolly chases alot of people away seeing all shady stuff, if things were ran right it would be great promotion for them.


lmfao so random at a wwe event


Can this be a pinned post?


I already posted this a half hour before you did smh lol


Every forum member should be required to post this lol


I had posted the link to fb for it about an hour ago and the system removed it “because it was against form rules”


Is that where support questions end up now?


Noods or it didn’t happen…


This has to be bumped everyday!


Now this is interesting. I may have to start watching wrestling again lol.


Like I’ve said in the past let’s hope it’s not anyone’s retirement money that were used by those big investors these last couple times.


It makes a good profile picture!


Lmfao :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: i hope there is a chant that went along with that from the whole crowd screaming “SCOPELY SUCKS”!!!




They removed my post about Noods being against the terms of service. Also the post where I responded with the laughing emote.


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