Scopely Games and Real Life


So its the holiday season. Many of us are taking time off to spend with friends and family. With that new found free time, we look to entertain ourselves with anything we can get our hands on and enjoy life as much as possible.
The folks at Scopely are also people with lives, families, and have things that they would rather do than work. They work hard all year to keep the game going and afloat while paying the bills. Forums, strategic decisions, development, marketing, etc. are all things that require people to be focused and in good mental health. Time away from work helps the employees make good critical decisions and relaxed to stay creative amoung other things.
Not everyone can or will take time off. They still go into work and make the decisions that they can with the resources that they have available. While working a job that probably sucks (not saying working at scopely sucks), getting paid less than what they want, and wishing they were at home relaxing, the communication that get receive during that time can have an amplified affect either positive or negative. Work usually sucks.

They have limited staff at scopely right now so development is slowed. Its not fun to be working while everyone else is having fun on vacation.

Happy Holidays


Is there a point here?


He’s asking you to spend more time with your family and less time here. :-p



Not really. Seems to just be ranting with no clear message, other than to say that some people spend time with their families around the holidays… I mean if the message was to lay off the developer because of this, should just say that.



We can’t all have such clear communication skills.


Haha I’m just poking fun. There’s all kinds of holes in this messaging. Effective communication it is not. It also creates an excuse for accepting whatever we get before we get it.


You’re my kind of fun. Now go get some gold!!


Sounds like more of a statement…but yeah,spend time with family. Not the box between your hands.(lol)