Scopely forgot to make “Road Warrior” event FUN (Re: Raiding for 3 Tires)


What fun, eh? :wink:


It was insane :]


Worst is Scopely changing the crate’s batteries rng from 20% on the first day now down to 15%… like wtf you already got me to spend but that’s not enough that you got to lower the rng by 5% now?


You know who was really helpful against that team: Jeremiah.
(Love that guy)


I dont have Jeremiah or any other good green or red chars :()


Then at this point may I suggest replacing this app with another one? Plague Inc maybe


I played Plague Inc for a long time, its okay but I dont have any friends who else play the game


a) start grinding ascending 4Stars (siddiq, glenn, carl, mira)
b) work the 5* tokens
c) accept that other players are a lap or two ahead of you
d) there’s a chance that none of our friends will be playing this app in a couple months.


I’ll take d)


I dont need siddiq or the rest of them, Donny and Bryan would be enough


So it’s true? I thought I did see it at 20% initially but maybe thought I got it confused with another. That extra 5% chance… Hmm…


Yup they did


yeah that’s the worst. Always takes me a good 11 minutes. I kill Jesus,Glenn,Harper,william and than Pastor Gabe


I’m just excited to see how much they charge for tires when they start selling them. I’m guessing ata a rate of $20/1000 tires. So, that would be $400 for 20k tires.


The Maggie/John event wasn’t fun what cocaine are you snorting


No, we want it to be doable. Doable means achivable doing all milestones. Everything above that is just payable. Keep it within max milestones and is free.


I really enjoyed this event, I got a toon I’ve always wanted. The tires were easy if you hit the milestones. Not everything is going to be handed to you.


If you didn’t spend and hit all the milestones so far, you aren’t even close to Bruce/Sandy.

So unless you are talking about Beta or Sophia, your statement is misleading.

We don’t want free handouts, there is no problem with getting out of the comfort zone in order to get one of those toons. The issue here is, that even if you grind massively, you are going to miss out on the toons if you aren’t spending. And that’s what people here are complaining about.


Im saying this event was good for me, I got a character I’ve wanted for a while which was beta


You can defiantly get Sophia or beta for free and without much effort