Scopely forgot to make “Road Warrior” event FUN (Re: Raiding for 3 Tires)


Whomever designed this Road Warrior event somewhere along the way forgot to make it fun.

There is absolutely nothing fun about spending your time raiding only to get a pitiful minimum of 3 tires knowing you will be 4,000 tires short unless you pay $$$ for multiple low % chances of packs and crates for batteries. Even if this event was designed solely as a cash grab, that doesn’t mean you still can’t design it to be fun.

The Maggie & John “Pick Your Path” event, now that was fun. Why couldn’t we get something again like that? Even the level up medal event for Eric/Yvette/Jeremiah was better designed than this.

C’mon Scopely, raiding for 3 tires minimum is not fun. Make minimum drops higher, 10 should at least be the bare minimum honestly, instead it’s on the rare high end. Sprinkle in a few 50’s and even some surprise 100’s as the actual high end to make this event actually fun, come on! @JB.Scopely

You can’t even call it a grind when you’re being rewarded with crap for it that it becomes more of a punishment.

Playing a game is supposed to be fun, but raiding for tires in this event is just painfully draining, the complete opposite of fun. This event was obviously designed just as a cash grab for players to spend for lower % chances for batteries. Not a fun event at all.


solo and fac raids incoming…wait for it


This just in from the super secret line chats. They heard us asking to raise the minimum tire drops so soon it will go from three tires to four. That’s right FOUR tires per raid*. :smirk:

  • Not really. They didn’t hear us and min drops are still 3. Keep surviving…


Please Agreed
Worth a try here on the Forums.


Hope you’re right… but don’t hold your breath.

Feels like when they put this event together, they totally forgot to make it FUN, and instead just made it all about $$$pendng on crates for low % chances of getting batteries… :pensive:


I haven’t really been raiding (too busy warring for junk but thats another matter) but I have been doing the harder roadmap each day . I’m on close to 9k already
I imagine Bruce or Sandy is gonna be attainable as it is . Especially with 2 raid events coming up


Having said that an increase would be helpful , or even an increase in battery / key drop levels so we could run both each day rather than just one


Speedy, I have almost 6k doing all roadmaps without buying keys, todays map included (missed 500 tires first day at last stage, as i failed it) Also consumed all natural raid energy, but I’m not even close to 9k.
Doable without paying? Probably, still awefully hard.


I like the way you said this.
(in my mind, 100% pure (natural) energy, it sounds like a shampoo ad)

…probably it’s just me lol


Im so proud of you.


So you want a p2w character for free and you want it to be easy as well? Decapitate and disarm toons are top tier of coarse you’re going to have to work hard to get them.


In your opinion, what’s a fair amount of grinding without spending in an event?
In hours of effort a day, plz


That depends how much you want the toon. You decide if you want a cheap premier toon or you want to pass up the opportunity


So is that 2, 5, or more hours a day. I just want to hear from you what is a sufficient level of grinding?

Because right now enough it all depends on what scopely decides… So if they think 25hrs a day is required, you’re saying you’re cool with that? #gitgud


no, i want an event that i can complete. not saying it must be like the log in reward with solange, but like the event pick your side with jesus and dwight for example. people competed and got the rewards. the maggie/john event was too hard for people with lower lvl and the rewards were just ok.


I agree.

I don’t mind a good grind to get a good character, but this isn’t a good grind, it’s more like a chore.

I ended up buying the battery crates because I was short batteries to do the Sunday map and I know if I didn’t do it, I’d have to pour in about a 300-400 Raids to make it up. That’s not fun, and buying stuff in the game is never fun too lol


thanks for 135% HP looks like fun

stacking HP like a f*****


And this is exactly why tires are only dropping at a rate of 3-8. So we all go out and buy the batteries. Who the hell wants to grind out 100 raids for 300-800 tires? No one that’s who.

Now thats how you run a business…an evil one. :smirk:


Feck that team with a white-hot crowbar. After fighting four or five times (and winning twice) I’d rather be shitting barbed wire than suffer through this crap again.


After 15 minutes i got all of them down :’)