Scopely forgot, go figure

Um, REMOVE WAR CRATE IV from war wheel. This was supposed to be taken care of weeks ago.

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Nah, I prefer they keep it. It’s lovely watching people rage.


I have 5 pulls and its gonna keep going up til it gets removed but they see people pulling on it so why take it out right away

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Simple solution. Don’t pull. :wink:

Remember they don’t fix jack unless it’s costing them.


I remembered that box when they released the new wheel. Many ppl complained and I thought it had to be solved by now. Didn’t matter much that time cause there will be 5-7 war tourneys for me in order to get 1000 tokens. Time came and before I pull I checked wheel,BUT choicebox IV isn’t after choicebox III in the wheel. So I figured that the issue solved. I pull, choicebox IV and I check that choicebox is in the end of the wheel and in the end of percentage list with 20%.They are crooks, for sure… Nothing less for this company…

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Honestly, while Choicebox D or IV is a true kick in the ballz for every player, it is not the only problem - many less useful 6* populate the wheel and pulling 2k cards of a toon you have all museum collections maxed out of is the same or worse as that stupid box.

Either make the wheel go away completely and make a war shop/market, or get people enough tokens to pull at least once after each war (top ranks getting enough for 5-10 pulls). Then you make the wheel less “exclusive” to match its contents, problem solved…

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Kinda hoping they reveal exactly something like that to go with the rest of the war overhaul

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