Scopely fix your game

We’re tired of you guys not fixing bugs and not listening to us, you’re lucky we even play this broken game in the first place at least listen to us when there’s a problem with it, I’ve sent out a post yesterday and still have gotten no reply and my faction member hasn’t either even though he’s been posting on this forum for a week now, this is just embarrassing.


Look at my post history.

I wish your faction member better luck than I’ve had in getting support.

Are you guys tagging @GR.Scopely, @TayTron @Shawn.Scopely in your posts? Doesn’t always help, but seems it has for some people in the past. Or you could try sending a PM to them.

This was about being locked out of the game right? Sorry if im remembering wrong :slight_smile:

Yes he’s been locked out of his account for over a week now because whenever he gets mail his game crashes for some reason, he’s been going to the forums constantly and they haven’t told him anything of use yet, also I shouldn’t have to tag certain people, there should be people looking at the forums every 2 hours or something, this support system is a joke.

has he done actual contact to the game support because that is not here

Yes he has but most of that is automated and isn’t of use either when he actually talked to a human, he’s tried everything involving caches, deleting other apps, reinstalling the app, using other devices, and whatever else, this is a problem with the account itself, which means that Scopely has to do something or his account(which he’s put money and over 8 months of grinding into, maybe he should demand a refund that might get them moving) won’t work again.


I said an s word, had no idea they cared when there game is full of swearing, this is ridiculous.

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Seems the automated software likes new words.

@Parker new collection for you to complete?

I edited the word out that I thought it was, I guess it wasn’t that, I guess Scopely just blocks criticism.

I don’t collect the b@nned words on here or the game, that’s not collecting, it’s writing a dictionary

So he demanded a refund because he spent money on the account and they said they’ll have it fixed in 24 hours. I’m done.:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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