Scopely Ended 5* with Priya and now ended game with S class priya

S12+ . First in level up and says retired lol

yup thats the fella lol

You can’t have 5 Priya s class even if you want , the max you can have is 2

if i’m rich enough… i’ll spend for 3 priya and maxed her and then i can sleep well.

First in level up, raids rank 359. Someone wants to prove themselves in a top faction lol.

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I’d take the next few months off if I was him lol

well with the way loads are quitting he might get a year off unless moved to bugs bunny or star trek

Yeah I have a few quitting after the weekend. Sucks but all things come to a end I guess! Hope you guys do great next weekend in TOC !!!

me 2 but i still havent seen any blazing hot rewards. Everyone should be refund their cost of moving servers for basically being lied to.

Last war in ToC i will be in Majorca so will be doing a bit of war poolside


Oohhhh nice!! I’m currently in Cornwall till next Thursday… Weather is poo but its away init… Well have a great holiday and yeah scopley don’t care about anything else but money

You only get s class per promo. Idk if scopely resets the blue key thing.

I just realized that. But vk hackers can find a way to dupe her, or reset the museum collections so they can keep getting her

Thats awesome :joy:…i mean awful very bad :imp:
Vk hackers taking food off Poopely’s table!


I’m glad he’s on my team lol

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