Scopely employees can you say something about Max mods rewards

The hordes rewards said we’d get maxed mods! Turns out no Max mods though!
60k rewards say chance Max mods, so either x10 gold Max mods or a single silver Max mod.

Or the 80k rewards saying max mods, which I guess since it doesn’t show anything you could technically say screw you players on that.

It’s that word Chances

I got max defense against tough mods, which is better than nothing but i havent had a stun resist in forever and 100k is all maim resist :face_vomiting:


I also only got 3 max mods… :sob:

Yeah a chance at either the x10 gold max mods or the single silver max mod.
If you happen to be the unlucky bastard who got the single silver mod IT sure as shit better be a maxed 1, right?

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100k must be for diamond only?
80k was max amount for my league


Really? They have lower milestones for lower leagues? Geez they need to let people hit that milestones, this doesnt create competetion that everyone preachs about, this keeps people low/kick them while they are down


Yes it does suck! I’m also stuck in third place hoping for someone to pass me so I can drop to 4th place.


This is completely my fault though I wasn’t thinking and trying to go for the 132 event amount!

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Lol when people want to get a lower rank cause the rewards are better. The wd tokens are trash

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Consider yourself lucky. I got zero. And yes I did get all milestones

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It would be nice if someone from the company would explain why said rewards were not rewarded. But this will just get ignored.

Maybe they’ll acknowledge this tomorrow? I think they’ve already reached their daily allotment of screw ups for today.


How they weren’t rewarded? What did u get?

same here!

Zero max mods.

I only got mods I did not get the max mods that we should have gotten it going by the description.

No max mods here either, do they come already maxed if so No i didn’t get any🤗

I got 30 attack vs red gold mod. What can be better than that?

I think it was a chance, not guaranteed… I got the max mods tho

I get that it was a chance, but the way it was said and showed, was that you you got x10 gold Max mods or the x1 silver Max mod.