Scopely, don't you remember?

I’m gonna be honest with you all.
Why do you ■■■■■■■ obsess over these Chihuahua Plushies?
Scopely has 1 off collection items every ■■■■■■■ month, hell, almost every week. So why worry about 1 specific set?


Lemme go ask Scopely where the rotting turney legs from 2016’s Thanksgiving collections are

I’ll do myself one better.

Because people didn’t spend them on the basis of being told they would be useable again. It’s not unreasonable to ask for some sort of update instead of just being ignored.


When was this stated? (Has to be on this forum)

It’s more so the fact Scopely said they would be re-used elsewhere and then did nothing with them.

Just take a look at the last few months worth of collection events.
Beach balls, sombreros, and seashells - most people ended up without getting a toon
Plushies - a fair amount of people did not get enough to claim Romanov
Anniversary - most did not get Sergio, and if they did they likely had to pay
Typhoon - most won’t get Zhu without paying. Those that got him free were the few who took the beads territory.

That is about 16 weeks of events where a lot of people did not get the toons available and in some cases there was quite a bit of grinding for it as well. I personally haven’t received any of those toons. If you are F2P, you rely on these events to expand your roster because there are very few other means to do that.

And here is their statement on it:


That’s the post I think most people seem to be misreading.

It was never stated that Plushies, specifically, would be used in the future. They said it is their intent to make future collection collectibles, like Plushies, a permanent part of the game rather than a one time thing.

That’s what the red velvet cakes are.


It is a typical vague comment from them. But I wouldn’t say the red velvet cakes are the same things, that was specifically regarding the plushies and wheel collectibles. And since then they’ve added dozens of collectible items throughout the game all with different purposes.

When he says: “As a first round of information, I can confirm that the design intent is for players to be able to re-utilise those collectibles, or to be able to convert them down the line - they will not be lost!” How can he be refering to anything other than the present item being discussed as there were no other wheel collectables at that time. If it was for future collectibles then it should have been stated “based on your feedback from this event going forward we intend to make collectibles re-useable.”

But again it’s Scopely’s way of poor and vague wording that they constantly hide behind



Nailed it Scopes Guilty :joy:

Scroll down. They said the fine prints of the design are still pending.


Clearly says (they will not be lost):man_shrugging:t3:


Yes, it says details pending, but when the title says PLUSHIE in capital letters, and then it says “they will not be lost!”…completely removing plushies is not a fine print, it’s a major overhaul.


That is the intention, after they completely finalize how they want to set it up.

Could they retroactively re-use plushies? They sure could, as with any other collectibles. But players are already assuming that they forsure will be re-used. There was no confirmation on that part.

I’m reading it separately. They mentioned plushies because it’s the current collection item being used in the game.

Weird bald guy, are you working at a company which is called scopely?


I didn’t realize you can’t have a differing opinion just because it doesn’t benefit the player base.

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It hurts peoples feelings, you can tell that when they try to take personal shots at you. I get it a lot

Yes and that was on August 23rd. It’s now October. Since they promised better communication it would be nice to have some sort of comment on issues like this. Even if it’s just “we still haven’t figured it out yet”. Silence only leads to people drawing their own conclusion, like that they’re just ignoring it and hoping it goes away.

Wouldn’t obsessive be quitting a game and staying around the forums?