Scopely doesn't want you to ascend characters


Scopely doesn’t want you to ascend characters, they want you to buy them.

I think this has been their plan all along. At first they made it sightly easier to get 6* toons and the gear needed to ascend them but then they cut off the supply. Shortly after they buffed the 6s and now that you need them to compete the gear and 5 fodder needed to create them have dried up. They wanted everyone to have a taste of what 6*s were and to let just enough people to get them to force everyone else to try or be left unable to compete.

5* Benedict is not longer given out as a reward for events
Flak Jackets and Beanies placed at higher teir reward than they should be (needed to T4 a 4*, allowing you to ascend it to 5* fodder)
Ascendance medals are rarely offered
Teir rewards for events are based on the idea you have several 6* toons (2 mil milestones, etc). Making it harder for you to earn anything

And lastly, throwing 6* toons into the premier wheel.

Buy them, don’t earn them seems to be the message being sent.

Edit: Also a lot of the gear needed to ascend can be coined or bought via ‘special offers’ but not earned.

Edit: As @Plagueis pointed out below, they have also made it more difficult to level up characters at any tier due to changes to the “You Got Lucky” mission that everyone relied on for character XP


Yeah this recent YGL fuckery is definitely going to make the process of me ascending my ascendable characters much much longer. It sucks. I used to run YGL’s daily to get them leveled as fast as possible


I wasn’t even considering them making leveling up more difficult a part of it but it absolutely is. It makes getting your 5* ready to ascend harder but also make it more difficult to earn 5* fodder via 4* ascending as well.


Along with the fact they nerfed the basic token opens too. 1* toons and weapons aint gunna do shit to a 6* toon.


U havent noticed the significant drop in 2* characters. If u havent seen that u cant be very active.


Ive just opened thousands of basics. And got maybe 50 2* toons. Its massively less than it was.


Yeah thank god im not one of those dummy’s who ascended 10-15 6* they didn’t really need and are left begging on the forums for medals :wink:


Why are people that ascend dumb?