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The trainers offers are a complete joke, actually a joke of a joke …

Feb 2019


2 x Crates of 10 x 5* Trainers
2 x Crates of 10 x 4* Trainers
2 x Crates of 10 x 3* Trainers
2 x Crates of 10 x 2* Trainers
5 x Bags of 1 Million Food

Price £9.99 Android / £7.49 Amazon

September/October 2019 (6 months later)

Offer: (cough)

4 x Crates of 10 x 5* Trainers
4 x Crates of 10 x 4* Trainers
4 x Crates of 10 x 3* Trainers
4 x Crates of 10 x 2* Trainers
4 x Lillith
4 x Ulysses

Price £99.99 Android / £75.98 Amazon

I mean, i know there will be people on here saying you get more in the second offer than you do in the first but they dont know how to use maths to calculate how much you have increased the value on these items

If you were selling those Feb19 bags, i would be buying them up like i was back in Feb/march, now i just dont bother or entertain any of the offers you throw out these days.

you want the money, then at least make it look lucrative


I only look at the offers to have a good laugh at the prices


cause ur in the a certain bucket, region, realm, sucker, faction, fraction, poo cup

u have purchased a certain offer so they know.u are suckered in, and will buy blindly

the offer seems like the 9.99 off it’s even better and it’s at 9.99… oops I mean 99.99

let’s see how many sucjers we can get.buying that offer


I’m not suckered in though, i’m stating most non imbecilic players see these price jumps and dont bother, yet one or two might bite just to get a level up advantage …

in the long run, getting thousands to buy a £10 deal is better than 5 paying £100 deals

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Why you buyin bro?

Didn’t you get the memo?

Game still sucks.

Let the platinum mod reset begin

yep, just proving a point to the company

players still gonna spend, but they need to grow with the consumer

I find it kind of funny when the algorithm that looks at your spending habits determines that a particular person, er…bucket is a sucker and adjusts the offer appropriately.

But everyone is getting the same offers now, its not a bucketly challenged discrepancy

Was not aware that was the case. I was under the impression that different regions and players were still getting different offers. In that case, they must have determined that the whole player/payer base is suckers if they think people will drop real cash on those pixels.

if you were to open a new account then yeah there are intro offers and such, i think the 30 day pass is £1.50 o the first time round

I will say the trainer offers are trash asf now. They use to be really good like 100 benes for like 20 bucks now u get 10 for 100 dollar’s complete stupidity

It’s not just the trainer cost that’s the problem, it’s the lack of anything worth buying.

Aside from 1 beacon for £20, which is an insult and totally useless to most people, i’m Not getting offers for anything these days. The £5.99 bead offer wasn’t there when the last roadmap was about to close and there’s no toons or anything you’d want to buy.

I keep saying this: you aren’t going to make very much money if you aren’t selling anything, and you’d Make more money if you sold things people wanted. It’s not difficult.

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