Scopely dishonest

3 openings with 3 dale war tokens.


What are you talking about?

Hes complaining about war token dupes

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Got 6* Raven, noice

My 5 yellow kals are furious as well

Still trying to find the part where the dishonesty comes into play

Yeah not dishonest, but still kinda shitty

Dale is awesome but yeah 1 is enough.

Okay I got it

Nope, war tokens show clearly 4 choices of character each time you pull. Dale is one of them. Like saying a coin is dishonest because you called heads and got tails 3x in a row. It’s not even statistically that rare. Now if nobody pulled anything but Dale, then you’d have something.

I thought this was going to be an awesome post summarising something that we all know is questionable. Like the s class princess event, where you can now totally grind her for free after the stupid structure where you were encouraged to spend if you had eg 58 teddies.

For your grumble, a better title would be something like “scopely unable to programme to stop si many dupes”.

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