Scopely cuts the rewards in half


Hey scopely.
How are you thinking? Really??
In upcoming solo lvl up you have cut the rewards in half… First place only gets 5k 5 star tokens… Usually its 10k when 48 hour event but now when its only 24 hour you dont reward us players the same.

But you dont cut the milestones in half… Thats just bad manner of you… As always i guess.


5k is the half of 10k though.


Its not about the rewards its about the milestones and the gear there. If you buy those ridiculous offers for trainers you can hit the 2 million milestone in the shorter tourny lol. Only $99.00 for some Bennies and Basils haha


They should of scrapped this damn levelup and given us a two day Survival Road tourny beginning today


I’m guessing it’s the combination of medals, 6★ gear bags and 5★ tokens that they consider warrants lesser tokens?

Not sure we’ve seen all three as a combo in prizes so actually pretty good prizes…


Yes for whales these prizes are better.


Ignoring your implication that I’m some sort of whale (I’ve been clean from spending since November and I’m only just Prestige 11 recently), how do you even reach that kinda assertion?


Actually these prizes are good for skipping.


As every level up one of the hackers in the new region Edgefield is sitting at 700k already .


Not many f2p need gold medals whereas whales are out. I know plenty of people who will go hard for this because of the gold medals and could not give a crap about 10k 5* medals.


For me it’s milestones. T4 gear is holding me up, so I’ll hit 2m and stop. That might mean top 3, it might mean outside top 20. Don’t care for the prizes personally

However I think a mix of medals, tokens and 5★ gear is a nice set of prizes. Everyone needs medals, if you don’t you’re being left behind


Well… For myself i have 1.3k gold medals. Have ascended 8 toons already…

But since forever scopely never makes logic…

It should not be the same milestone rewards for an 24 and 48 hour event.


It’s not like there is not 500 level ups just sit this one out. It isn’t like there won’t be 5 more in the next few weeks.


Maybe thats why im out of everything. I’ve accended 15 toons have them all max 3rd tier with 1 i just got to 4th tier. Still have 580 gold medals and 367k silver. Since the loss of the actual farmable gear maps its all the other gear thats dwindled away.