The game is complete shit now. Create a server with 5 star characters max.


That’s a stupid idea


Whatever your smokimg you should consider quitting it. Its melting brain cells.

I’m with you. 5*s actually do what they are supposed to.


This thread comes up every time five star arena is up :joy::joy::joy::joy:. Players don’t even set defense or work on their five stars anymore. It wouldn’t be so easy lol

Very well thought out and logical reply… I think your the one lacking brain cells

Very well thought out post… You must have put a lot of thinking into it…

I’d be fine with a normal 5 star only event honestly. Imo there shouldn’t be a region solely based on 5 stars because there would likely be bugs, events that weren’t thought out correctly (even worse than we have right now), etc. They just wouldn’t know how to implement it.

just shut up dammit

Few more high ideas

Separate region for all 3*s and all S classes etc lmao crw will be so much fun you won’t even first milestone loool

Legendary weapons: Causing both stun and impair…guardian and revive…abs def and confuse looool

Skills upgrade: confounding 2, confuse both of offence and def to two enemies, shield 2 enabling a random character be a shield as well…etc

No-revenue server
Cash-burning server
Bleeding server

Still PPP
Piss poor product


This is not WoW Classic, noone will care about a 5stars server

Your wrong had a thread about it before an it many were interested in it. I just made a new thread because it expired. So speak for yourself.

How about a test server.

So F2P’s who never had shit can fuck around. We get 5mil coins. Maxed out toons. And every box and toon.

Just to fuck around with. No events. Just territories and raids.

But the test server would be closed for shit.

I like test servers that give you money and shit to fuck around with.

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Yep sick idea like classic wow.


Bump in the night

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