Scopely communication vs Respawn communication

Scopely, nothing to see here move along. The “bugs” are features.

Zero reps from the management team speak anymore, maybe that’s why @kalishane moved on. The Management got fed up with her bringing our concerns to them on the daily. Not a knock on @JB.Scopely or the other new CM what’s their name…

Then take Respawn, release a game have 25 million sign up in a week… have a bug that causes the game to crash unexpectedly and post up on Reddit right away. No denial, no hiding… straight up take ownership and let playerbase know they are working on it.


Its why scopely is a joke in the gaming community


When the first launched RTS they were decent, then they just stopped caring.

They really don’t care.

The monthly check in from what’s his face never happened, all just bullshit from Scopely.


I don’t blame @JB.Scopely for anything. I’m sure he’s just doing what he’s told

I’m blaming Canada


well JB obv knows more about things than us but im sure he had to sign some kinda NDA or something, some of these companies not only will fire you but take you to court and sue you and maybe even jail time. Idk how scopes does it and idk how it works across seas in other countries as JB is in Spain but i am pretty damn sure he has been told to hush about some things and JB is pretty cool tbh hes a gamer and has been doing a good job as CM compared to others we have had but when your boss tells you to shush, well you shush and in todays econ it is a pain to find a job. As for kali idk if she could handle this community as this community can be brutal at times but all in all yes scopely sucks for communication. Its honestly the least that needs to be done, if something happens or isnt gonna happen like war gets cancled or an event is coming up, etc we need to know these things and if scopes screws up, a we screwed up and we really are sorry, heres what happened and heres how we are going to fix it and make sure it doesnt happen again goes a looooooong way.

I blame this community tbh, the rts community settles for anything, cant stick to something like a $ s.t.r.i.k.e, they attack each other with “youre crying” etc. This community is actually pretty damn toxic and it only hurts the game that we all love to play


I don’t blame him either, it seems to me more was being addressed when Kalishane was around so they got her to “move on”

I think JB is handcuffed as the replacement cm, he’s only allowed to tell us what they tell him and don’t give a rats ass about how much the game sucks.

Why would they care about the game sucking when people are throwing money at them? I wouldnt, if i was lets say being paid to take a shit on your front lawn, even if you complained about it, you yell at me when i do it but you still pay me when im done, why would i stop? Lol :poop:


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