Scopely Changing Characters In The Game?


For some weird and unexplained reason, multiple characters have had their character models changed, can @Kalishane or someone explain why this happened?41ehtK5-bcg
Old Connor Model

New Connor Model

Old Michonne Model

New Michonne Model

Old Rick Model

New Rick Model

If you know of any other characters that may have been altered, please show me!
I would like to see this explained on why these characters got their models changed.


I must be missing something. What is different??


It certainly is interesting but I don’t really see a big deal.


Lol who cares.


The character models, they clearly look different by how their bodies are positioned.


Michonne’s new model is hideous


Rick’s older model was hunchback, Michonne’s sword wasn’t in her face, and Connor’s model was more detailed/bloody


Obviously the fella who made this cares.


Oh. Whatever. Who cares if they look a little different. I’m sure that just comes with updating the look of the game.


I mean who cares enough to create a forum topic searching for an explanation for something that has no real impact on the game.


Again, obviously the fella who made this does.


It just looks so off after being so used to the old ones, especially since 5 star Michonne (in my opinion) is one of the most iconic 5 stars


Also people make things like these all the time, the forum is full of them.


I just want an explanation on why they got changed…


They don’t need an explanation at that point.


You really can’t deny anyone an explanation, it’s up to Scopely if they wanna explain it.


They already have.


Thanks for showing me this, the new Connor really messes with me, same with Rick not being hunchbacked


They already have explained it or denied it? If they denied it then obviously we won’t get any info. If they explained it I haven’t heard of any.


Addicted linked it above.