Scopely Broke the game?

So, i have to point this out, maybe i’m wrong, but if i’m right, not gonna be good.
After 5* armory update, i noticed a particular bonus that made me go mad.
Go armory, research, epic weapon effect, alert, team play lvl 4. So let’s do some quick math. The bonus says that all the teammate get +15% def for each alert character in team. So basically, if you a 5 alert team, and you put this bonus on their 5 weapon, you get like 15%x5(members alert)x5(weapon that got the bonus)=375%. A zachary that has 4k defense will stonks to 15k, pete anderson easily reach 25k+ def. Idk, it seems a little bit broken to me. you basically gave absolute def to all alert char.

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Working as expected
Plus, they also have a new “basic attacks ignore defence bonuses” skill. So, yeah
And, it’s +10% DEF not +15%

Because Scopely.

This one is cool but far from the most busted skills. Tough toons have some crazy possibilities, that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

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in term of output, nothing is closely comparable to the def boost alert got with that bonus. Even going for a full crit blue team wouldnt be enough imo

Multiple of that kind of weapon don’t stack. 50% max if you run all red (and they won’t stack with, say, Kapoor’s 80% either).

[edit] added the trait description


Would be good to get some clarification here. I doubt it would stack to that degree… Maybe the having more than one character with that setup would be redundant. I’m meaning that you would only get 15% x 5, so still 75% but not as crazy as the alternative.

Ah @DrJank beat me to it!

1.1x 1.1 x 1.1 x 1.1 x 1.1 = 1.61

Aka +61% def for all 5 of same trait for one turn

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well, i know it wouldnt stack if there’s is a turn duration, that was explicit in the description of the 5* weapon by scopely. Thing is last time i checked there was not any turn duration in the description of that bonus, so thats why i’m mad

Why did i receive a 4* aiko gun and others got the 5* version. Is it an issue with being a beta tester again like with #Jonesgate?

The thread appears to not have been edited (no edit identifier on the top right, the way there is for the 5* weapons thread that was edited 4 times to add info about the beta program. If it was not there when you checked, it must have been a few minutes after posting, when edits can be made without triggering the icon.

Anyway, as I quoted above, it now clearly states that it is for one turn, and therefore doesn’t stack. And I am also quite certain that it said that two days ago (here: Wayland + 5-Star Weapons Launch Event) and earlier today (here: Epic Effects on 5* weapons Synergy) because I checked each time to make sure.

Pay to craft now

I’m still waiting for them to fix this. 4th slot is not working at all.

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If it works like other buffs from rushes etc it won’t stack. A character can give +50% defence and if another gives the same the team has 50% defence.

It’s complicated

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S class but in the version of guns.

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