Scopely, Boot Camp Bonus Makes No Sense To Do And Is Misleading

Doing the boot camp bonus of the new xp roadmap makes no sense. You get about 40k xp for completing it but you could gain about 70k xp from the hard difficulty boot camp using the same amount of energy it takes to complete the boot camp bonus. The difference becomes even greater if you’re using one of the bonus xp territories.

Dont worry they will roll back and take away all the xp you gained from playing it and fix the roadmap, you will be given a burt for your troubles


I don’t understand what you are getting at. It’s a bonus. That’s 40k MORE XP than we used to get. If u don’t want to do it, then don’t.

Nope, the whole thing here is that even that bonus is useless when act 2 stage 6 can be farmes and more xp had, act 3 is a waste completly on xp roadmap

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Just because it’s called a bonus, doesn’t mean it is…

Does it matter? It’s easier than the “hard” map so younger players have a chance to do that map. If u don’t want to do it, don’t. Ignore that part of the map.
Splitting hairs in the wake of one of the biggest fiascos this game has seen.

Scopely dont care. Several dropped THOUSANDS into their coffers for Gabe (even those that were “furious” over andrea). All is well in scopelys eyes. Even the new, anti-f2p meta. Gabe is the death knell for free players.

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If you can’t complete the hard map then how would you be able to get to the bonus map? It does matter because most users would get tricked by this thing. If bonus map is useless then just remove it. It’s like saying that if Scopely had a 20k coin sale for 1* todd, we should just ignore it instead of requesting better.

Kinda why there is sections and threads within those sections so we can speak about more then just what happens to be bothering you this week.

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Some people like to settle i guess

What are u even talking about?

Its not locked? You dont have to complete a & b to do c. I skipped a and completed all others.

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I was pretty sure all the maps are open to start with. Not a “must complete before moving on”

Splitting hairs in the wake of one of the biggest fiascos this game has seen.

As if because of any one issue (being theres fucking plenty to choose from) we should stop all chat about anything else especially anything else you obviously deem not worthy because of said current issue.

Not that i should have to bring you up to speed about your own words but here ya go.

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Either way, locked or not it’s misleading.

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