Scopely are you serious? new collection 😡

Again? :sleepy:

Nothing free in santa week,scopely killing the game.


I bet that they don’t repeat Laopo/Priya/Raulito etc in these stupid collections.
Damn you Scopes and bah humbug to you to you A holes.


This and stupid santa mercer are reasons for me to end this game in new year.
Finally :hugs:


@GR.Scopely when will there be Wangfa and Daiyu Cards in the Collection/roadmap?


hahahahahaha scumbags will be scumbags

Come on! Give them some more money!

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Ha ha still don’t have them


Funny how they listened to PC about jiafeng and nothing else. Fucken disgrace


oooooh i needa hurry up and finish jifeng

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Why wait till the new year, quit now. I see now no reason to continue to play for what a little over a week just to quit on new years.


That was ridiculously quick. Is cameron scarr the most-seen in terms of velvet cake collection by this point? Should’ve got his ass first release. Painfully stupid.


i got him in a 40 pull as a 5* and need more velvet cake :sob:

I believe you listen to everything that they have to say but twist or contort everything that was heard into how can we put a gate or monetize this so we can earn more money and screw the player base.

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I’m pretty bummed about Jiafeng, :joy::joy::joy:
I literally did countless offers and hoarded about 2 months waiting on her.
Then fancy Mercer showed up and I spent all those glorious hoarded coins.

But I guess at the rate they are going I wonder how long she would be relevant?

I think the only 6* I would spent a few bucks on right now is Doc who still eludes me.

I think he definitely has the top appearance in the collections now, then Raven and Zach.

I figured. I would’ve bought him a while ago if I had a chance at 3k+ s-class items. So dumb.

Yay I’ve been hoping for a Jiafeng collection. She’s the only premier I’ve pulled in the last 2 years.

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Wish I had some velvet cakes left.