Scopely and the genius of Jessie Anderson

I would love for him to make a part 2 thread of forum awards I strongly believe that 95% of the community would vote me as king of the forums


#NotmyKing :roll_eyes:


No need to continue I said I wasn’t sure🤗

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I think you are wrong on this matter. The “information was available” as in her card was available. She officially appeared in game, that’s what a release is. We all could see her officially released stats and abilities in the tower. No matter if you can pull for her or if she will appear once on a silly roadmap and never be seen again.

Wow so creative :joy:. Buy all the new toons and whack em in a team. Why couldn’t we have thought of that?!

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Exactly, Scopely doesn’t even know how to play their own game. That team is not creative at all. :rofl::rofl:

Guess we have a different understanding of what a release is. Jessie being in the tower is like a trailer, then once we can pull for her she becomes the full movie. :thinking:

He has literally posted the definition of the term release. What’s not to understand? :man_shrugging:

Also your comparison is off imho. A trailer shows a portion of a movie - a chunk of information if you sill. When the card shows up in the tower, you have all the information there is about the toon. The only thing you cannot do, is click a button and see the attack animation.

Following that logic, is a toon released once he is in the tower but I didn’t manage to pull him? I mean I still can only see the card but not use the toon? Are toons unreleased that are in the game but not on the tower (so basically every toon who is not ascendable)?

Is 3* Barker unreleased? He is in the game, you can’t get him anywhere but you can play him on the very early roadmaps. How about 3* Jeremiah? He also is in the early stages of the world map but on the enemy team - so not controllable.

Or what about Sergio? You cannot pull for him but he is in the tower. Unreleased or not? How about toons like Hina and Ivy? Both cannot be pulled, the former is a roadmap reward, the latter a museum collection reward.

Looking at other games… I play Vermintide 2 alot lately. Is the new DLC unreleased because I don’t know the stats of the new enemie types or because I cannot play them? Is the DLC even unreleased when they put a release advertisement on but I haven’t downloaded the DLC yet?

This all literally makes no sense. The character was in game and all the information about said character was available. I even had an icon on top of the ascension tower telling me “there is a new toon, come check it out!”
How can you honestly think that this is not a released toon because we couldn’t throw money on him?

Nope, I did.

A toon is released once there is a way to get them. Pulls, missions, a stash etc. You just confirmed my point with this one, a toon being in the ascendance tower doesn’t mean anything if there is no way to get the toon.

Honestly this is a pretty unnecessary paragraph but if we (the player base) don’t have the option to get these toons for ourselves then they are not released aka available.

As soon as there is a way to get them, they have been officially released.


Reread that sentence and you should see my point. How can she be released if there is no way to get her? The tower is irrelevant. If it didn’t exist, what would you say then?

Okay, point taken. Then you defeated your own argument with the very definition you yourself posted. The definition is crystal clear on this one, as others also have pointed out. The information (as in the character card) was released - no matter whether you could buy it or not.

I didn’t confirm your point because you totally misread my sentence. I said, if a toon was in the tower but I didn’t manage to pull him (as in the toon is able to be pulled but I failed at getting him).

Also by your definition, a fair portion of toons in the game weren’t released although they have been in game for months and years. That doesn’t make any sense at all.

How is this paragraph unnecessary when it totally shows the flaw in your argument?

Again, released doesn’t necessarily mean available. 3* Barker is available in the game, heck you can even control him ingame. However you have no way to get this character into your roster. That doesn’t make him unreleased. It a card the developers have created and shipped in a live game. You can see it in game but not aquire it. Its still a part of the released content in this game.

See above.

Didn’t know releases don’t apply to any other game/software out there. :roll_eyes:

Are you asking me, if a non-existent card is released or not? :joy:
The card was not non-existent. It was there and it was advertised in game via the ascension tower. If that doesn’t meet your criteria of a ‘release’ even after being perfectly in line with the definition you yourself posted, then I honestly can’t help you.

Just read your definition again: “allow (information) to be generally available”
Synonyms: made public, revealed, published.

Crystal clear. :man_shrugging:

Casually skips to end of the essay.

It was there, then it was not.

Honestly you should help yourself. It isn’t in line with the definition I posted because you keep forgetting the second part which I even highlighted… They go hand in hand, information is generally available and the product is available to the public. She was in the tower (which again, is irrelevant) but there was no way to get her, therefore she hadn’t been officially released yet.


Bruh you are too funny at embarrassing yourself just for the forums. It’s not like you got haters it’s legit like your a clown performing in a circus. May as well make a thread looking for appreciation for the entertainment you give to the forums. I’ll leave a like and complement.

This obviously leads to nowhere. Believe what you want, release has a multitude of meanings. If you tie it to ‘product that is made available for purchase’ then you might be correct.

However, in the context of this game it makes no sense to me. As I have shown before, there are toons ingame that cannot be purchased but they are still there. Labeling these ‘unreleased’ is wrong imo.

Following the premises I made up above, this character has been released. :man_shrugging:

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