Scopely and the genius of Jessie Anderson

Jessie Anderson: shown in ascendance tower before official release
Forum players: Pfff she’s trash, no one is buying her
Scopely: Thanks for the feedback :wink: buffs Jessie
Forum players: Oh…
Of course this was going to happen, next time please call a toon trash after they’re released.
They will actually lose money that way :thinking:


Yep blame the players. Stockholm syndrome is massive in this game.
The effectiveness of her AR was increased to 444% of what it was before - 200/60 /3X4 was 60 now 200, affected 3 now affects 4.
Her AS that most people agreed was good originally, was increased to 222% effectiveness of what it was before - 30/50 /3X4.
That isn’t anywhere near the buff most thought she needed, it’s way, way more. I originally said reduce her AR cost to 58 and that would make her decent, this however is mental.

To put into perspective, if that was done to OG Andrea’s rush she would do 3552% damage.


No one is buying that toon with the buff anyways. She is still meh. If she gave 5000% def for 100 turns, she still dead before she can use it. #notagamechanger #gettingupsetovernothing


While I agree, I still commented on that post wondering why they heck players were complaining about her? It really didn’t make ANY sense.


The players are a HUGE issue though

For sure, not the company that has spent millions of dollars into researching how to take advantage of and exploiting people’s weaknesses.


Some players, not the players. Most are innocent in the reason as to why Scopely gets away with what they do. It’s the highest of spending whales which are a small minority that give them (what Scopely consider) legitimacy.

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Ok Mr. TTT we get that you don’t like her but how many times are gonna keep saying it? I might have to change your name to Mrs. Anderson

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blame the whales…they did it

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Still trying to be relevant I see. Still failing I see.

Im not talking about spending at all, im talking about “demands” “threats” “complaints”

Mia would revive her. And Ryan would tuant you. Doc with boost Ap. Lol just kidding

What? Lmao you’re on here 19/7 don’t talk about trying to be relevant.

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I’m not trying to be relevant. I don’t follow your posts and respond to you. Or create threads and then change them and try to act like I predicted the outcomes of tournaments. You’re sad bro. Move on.


Wait, so you’re saying players demands, threats and complaints led to Scopely treating the player base like it does? That would make Scopely rather sadistically vengeful then?

It just makes them tune us out as a group, a few have ruined it for the many. The attitude and culture of disrespect and language from the players to scopely is awful. The attitudes from players to other players who dont agree with them is horrible. Im not surprised that we have all been tuned out but i for one dont care, i have alot of fun playing and spending and im not changing anything

So in other words we should never complain about Scopely’s decisions in case they tune us out?
The attitude of Scopely towards the player base is far more awful than the attitude of the player base towards Scopely imo and many others opinions.

scopely doesnt care about its players.

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just the money

Move on and stop creating lies. People like you are the reason i have a bad rep for no reason at all.