Scopely... A 3rd Armory

Remember when our level used to raise, and we could increase our townhall then expand our town? Just thinking with all the increases in level cap, the town still unfinished, and the introduction of 5* weapons a 3rd armory would actually be rather useful, and a nice way to actually complete this unfinished town we have been looking at for years.


No thanks


Yes please, so I can enjoy 3 fails with crit terries


How will this idea increase Scopez revenue???

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people will need to buy more varnish of course

You need to buy each additional building slot for true money, since there are plenty of slots left the last one will be for the armory of course.

Haha I was thinking this was a great idea when the new armory came out… buttttt they have just decided to make the armory p2f (pay 2 fail) so it’s not needed anymore.


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