Scopee says we fixed territory’s. Players said

Fix with duck tape, swear words, and the odd drop of blood. Seriously 2-4 walkers left?

Solution. Make each round have 10 zombies. Time line 3 years.

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It only takes three hits anyways, way better than before

Scopely never said they fixed territories. They decreased the amount of walkers to clear. But sadly since there doesn’t seem to be a standard about of walkers cleared per attack this occassionally happens.
And as far as fixes go to the territories issues like crashing, that should be in the update coming out right away though they haven’t stated what issues exactly are fixed or worked on.

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Those poor ducks.

No it does not. 3 hits would require 20 per hit and would not explain how it ends up with three zombies left.

The less zombies in a territory the less you get per wave thus in ones with 60 you average 16 per attack where as ones with 120 average 20 per attack.

Like everything scopee does one step forward two or three sometime twenty steps back.

$copley cut the crusts off the shit sandwich that is Territories with the walker change, the root of the problem was ignored.


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