Scope convert our puppies

Scopely convert our Chihuahuas 1:250 coins each, we’ve seen you can do it, thanks


I second this.


Lol, make this happen. I had 20k+ puppies, make my day. Ehm make my year!!


all gone to waste smh

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Hell, make it 1:100 lol

I had 52k plushies. Yes please.

@Carl_Porter We are working on a solution to trade in your excess of collectibles. Stay tuned for more information on the subject.



^supply tokens guaranteed

Had a look at my suggestion @GR.Scopely?

this has been “being worked on” for like 2 months though. How long does it take serioulsy

if plushies had rewarded us coins that would of been fixed in an hour.

c’mon show the same dedication to all areas of the game and not just the fuck ups that benefit players


At least he responded with something it’s better than having this issue forgotten
Yeah it’s probably gonna take like 2 months til we see it but better late than never
at least they’re not outright turning them into depot points with 10:1 ratio

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What about the shattered ornaments and dirty Santa hats from like 4 years ago?

Hey I’ve heard this one before…

Pareces un idiota

Pleeeese no, sold them already shortly thereafter. Took almost hours to get rid of them back then. :rofl:

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Scopely can you convert our rotten turkey legs from 2 years ago please?

That’s basically what you’re asking.


You have any idea what my suggestion was?

Wow remember when you retired?

You still took time out of your day to respond to a post about said plushies. :woman_shrugging:t5:

Care to say what you think my suggestion was?