SClass toons, where is this going

I really think you should release the fast SClass and just stop making them. Let them be so rare in the game that they don’t have a huge impact on the player base. Keep the keys, cones, ect coming for ftp. You should have limited them to just one per player and let the players decide which toon to go after


Great idea! What about those who already have 4 S-class ? U think Scope will refund their thousands$$$ ?

They should have given us a farmable S-class toon for the upcoming Typhoon event, similar what they did with 6* yellow Ezekiel in late summer 2017. Instead we will get some obsolete gen 1.5 6* toon I‘m pretty sure.


Too late now for that

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I still hope that the last S-class will be f2p

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I’m not even sure that will be enough. Scopely isn’t all of a sudden just going to stop pumping out S Class toons. The reset is here.

I was thinking earlier that a one s-class per team limit might be a good idea. That way, 6* would remain relevant and playable. Would be one way forward without completely devaluing everything.

But it really depends on what their long/medium-term plan for the game is, if they have one at all…

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