Sclass toons coming

I think the company goal is to chase old whales away have the dolphins become the next

They are categorically not catering for middle spenders. They are probably the most maligned group of all. i say that as a F2P

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Good luck trying to get new players to pony up 2k + for a game. I think this was more of a test for looney toons and Star Trek. They had to know this was not going to work out.

No the goal is too milk all the suckers for competition. They are doing this for all the preparation for transfer opens and it will just like a true reset. Just like how 6 stars came then tranfers came.

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if this is the avenue it takes to get each and every S class, this game is doomed. Will drive away the regular whales and medium spenders and f2p. Will only leave the mega whales and they too will have to be fed up after a while.

What percentage of the player base is that? 2% 3%?
Game is over if thats the case.

Less. The difference from Pete to Priya is startling. Seems as though there are 5x the Pete’s than there are Priyas. It’s an impossible model to sustain.

Then its a last minute cash grab before they shut it down for good.
Because there is simply no logic to it.


Remember when they gave us a free 6* in the beginning of 6* s era? I mean yellow Zeke. Practically Pete is a 7* toon (or an 8* star toon if you consider 2 gen 6* s 7* s). WHERE IS OUR FREE PETE

If you need luck it’s not strategy, it’s luck pure and simple. Strategy requires that it works more often than not.

Got maybe 100 keys from war.
My guess is maybe 200-300 from a very active team winning wars?

Depends. I got around 600… although our wars are pretty quick for the most part so that obviously helps.

I got around 400 plus i think wasn’t keeping trying but they are offering the keys as a safe goat just to say hes technically f2p, to act as if they are not fuking over a whole part of the playerbase

Free in scopley terms >= 100$

Just want them out the game there not needed and it appears they are unwanted by most of the community.

They will have to give one out for free or the only people left will be the whales. And I don’t mean Pete free which will take about 2 years to get for free. I mean a toon that u can grind for in a reasonable amount of time. The 6* Zeke was a good way to go about it

More petes because it was an underhanded slimy tactic by scopely.
release pete the first s class , alert with huge stats and everybody wanted him to get the edge for defence.
but obviously scopely knew priya , a tough toon with crazy stats and attack lead was waiting in the wings, so it was all planned to milk as much as they can.

Truly is pathetic. Release OP defense then release the counter directly behind it. What else is new though?

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So blatant it was unbelievable, release op alert defence lead pete, then a few weeks later release op tough attack lead priya.
Wait a few weeks and watch as op priya turns from a ferrari into a tricycle when they release op yellow lead lol

That’s funny though.