Sclass toons coming

With the upcoming typhoon event I’m suspecting the one is a event toon

Also don’t pay attention to stats the will b buffed lol

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I bet these won’t disappear into the leaked photo void like legacies


Idk i could see a free one coming

Where does one get these glasses?


It just won’t be as good as the rest

Technically pete is free, scopley put keys in the crates so it could work as they are trying to provide out efforts for f2p to go and make those shit quality of life changes technically true.

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Yea I know I think this typhoon event will give one too

I think they wanna just promote sclass now

Give everyone the 10k HP Sclass and no means to kill it thus annihilating all gameplay. Seems about par for the course lmao


7 stars u mean this is a roster reset an people are too stupid to see it.


Yea it’s most definitely a reset but it’s time for a meta change anyways

No means of killing him f2p :wink:, but all those sweet ass sclass pryias will dog him.

Need to be strategic and lucky but it can b done

Do even that many whales have her? The irony is Scopely gated her well yet they won’t like that equals less sales. Like the old 6* plan, dual specialists, recent promos. They’ll get impatient soon, you watch

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Im not strategizing and going through hell to beat a ptw team just come out and my camp be blown to smithereens. This isn’t fukn chest take too much thinking and hitting in this meta.

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Just flee it’s just a game haha

Guess depth to them means 25 turns for ftp to win.

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Ur right it is just a game, a trash game to be exact :wink:.


I’ve always been fine with huge meta changes like a new star up. But there’s a good way to handle it and a beautifully shocking way to handle it. This is indeed the bs way