Sclass Rosita - weapon/mods/skills

Hi guys.
How did you upgrade her weapon?
What mods for her?
Max AR and AS?

Share your thoughts please :wink:

I craft a swap Weapon. 45% HP and AP when attacking, Absolute Defense and slow, fast healing. Also got once without AP but with Def, the Problem was behind a true Def Lead her Def was so high, that Bide was not triggerd that way i want it.
Mods are HP Set, with HP/HP, Def vs trait, reflect Damage, Taunt Resi and Heal Reduction Resi.
No need for Stun Resi here, it’s not necessary to rush her or act T1. Heal Reduction is way up more important here!! I maxed out her Rush and active. Sadly i saw a Video from our content creator Link how to manipulate attack up when taunted bc her active is maxed out. I would stay on 1/8 now but i did upgrade it before the Video came out.


Hmmm for now i made her orginal weapon with one upgrade - 30hp instead of medium ap when damage :thinking:
Didnt expect her AS can be problem, i almost maxed this :scream:
Thanks for you reply :+1:
Anyone else have other thoughts?

Keep the third slot, 45%hp, huge attcking, reflect 250% while dazed confused. Use platinum hponhp, hpdefvs blue, hpdefwhen stunned, hp impair resist, hp taunt resist


I changed her weapon third slot for 8% AP and HP bonus.
Used HP mods set to balance with the def points from weapon.

Once again, to clearify, uograding her Def Stats in any way will made the triggerd of Bide less effective bc more Def means less dmg. You need to get 2k dmg to put out 3k. That means you have to push HP High as possible to use Bide often before heal und try to keep Def at that Star of minimum/maximum to triggerd Bide!!

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