Sclass road maps gone?

Why is the road map down? I’m 30 cones away from priya, after grinding these past two months… after war I fell short by 30… and the sclass roadmaps are gone!!!

I’m know this game has issues, it’s a money grab, p2w… etc

But this is ridiculous, the hours I’ve put in, 218k points in war… countless times I’d done those exact roadmaps over and over… I knew I’d never spend on a dollar on this abomination, thank god for the people I’ve met or I would’ve deleted ages ago.


Wait. Obviously an in game issue occured and you’ll have to wait till people get into work on Monday their time.

Maybe coronas effecting them. I’m depending on this game to be my time killer during the isolation periods… but how can I commit to a game that doesn’t give a hoot about their player base. Just getting fed up.


Should be ok as there in milestones, I’m sure they will be back today

Its probably an error of course. Or, they plan to change the cards or give more card options. If it is a mistake i would hope they give a decent compensation :smiley:

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