Sclass Laopo and velvet cake collection

The current velvet cake collection method is encouraging players not to Sclass their toons.
I for example, have Laopo at the max of Tier 2 Sclass, but will lose out on collectables simply because I have her Sclassed. As she needs to be either maxed as a 6 star or maxed as an Sclass… But I have already achieved maxing her as a 6 star, so why on earth can’t I claim the 6 star version of the collectables? I have achieved that goal yet am excluded from the prize.

Scopely already have an algorithm in place that allows simply having owned a toon in the past to count towards a museum collection, even if you don’t have that toon anymore. So why can’t this be applied to toons that can be Sclassed (count the maxed 6 star as having been achieved)? Otherwise it encourages us to hold onto our toons for months without Sclassing until the velvet collection turns up for them. The current system punishes players for progressing by making it so that anybody who recently Sclassed said toon miss out on collections (because lets face it - you aren’t maxing an Sclass quickly).

Now to be honest, this is not the biggest priority in the game at the moment or anywhere close. But it is one that is easily fixed since Scopely already have the algorithm in place for it on other museum collections.


I have a class laopo too

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He’s in there s class

She laopo is a girl lol


Only for maxed Sclass. I (and @Margot_Eichenlaub) have achieved making the toon max 6 star, and are not going to be able to get Laopo to max Sclass in time. So we are being punished for being further ahead in our progression than those who just have her at 6star max (that we already hit).
It’s like finishing a half marathon in 1hr 35, but the judges didn’t turn upto the finish line until 1hr40 so only those who finished after 1hr40 get the medal.


She’s not maxed s class level 90

Yes she is. I have her at tier 2 and can’t claim the collection @Margot_Eichenlaub has her at tier 3 and can’t claim the collection. You need her maxed at Sclass to claim the collection. I’m not saying allow us to claim the maxed Sclass collection (that’s half the velvet cakes for doing so, so fair play), I’m saying allow us to claim the maxed 6 star collection since we have obviously achieved it since we have her at Sclass.


There’s better stuff to complain about this isn’t one of those

You obviously haven’t read the whole OP:

And not being able to claim 1100 collectables for a toon that you have over achieved the parameters for is a pretty hefty deal if the shoe was on your foot.

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I don’t care enough about it to continue this convo , if it was maybe a actual issue I’d continue

So why comment in the first place? Wasting your own time there buddy.

Also look up the term the ‘I’m alright Jack crowd’

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How about the repeated zach and only needs 250 cakes


You wasted my reading time

Good for you. You’re still commenting btw.

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Better one for sure or that there’s no Zach and laopo collection


Hadn’t even clocked onto that!

I’m sure the 250 was a mistake but they would never admit it.

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The company is just Lazy, 3 different things prove that with the discrepancies with just these new collections.

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she needs to be t4 level 90 just did mine, bit I want the 1000 cake collection for 3200 collectables

Aye, thanks, I know how to unlock the Sclass one but am nowhere near that. What I mean is that by having the Sclass one it proves that we have hit the parameters (twice) for the 6 star one, so why aren’t we allowed to collect the 6 star one?