Scheduled Maintenance 9:00am PST 11/5/19

Hello Survivors,

Tomorrow, 11/5/19, at 9:00am PST there will be a scheduled maintenance period that’s expected to last approximately 15-20 minutes. Thank you for your patience during this time.



Mmmm yes a maintenance this obviously means that they will close the game


will this happen or just a joke like warbonus

Is this for bloody shirts or something?

Do we get an answer why 1a can’t transfer to 1a?

How about some I do about the shirts uh

Will the blog be updated with this information that currently has no link in game? @TayTron

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At this point… Who cares its the same old shit


You can tell us abt this but not about what’s up in the museum with Mercer and Doc? Is it a event? A mission? Whale food? What? Thanks.

Ajax intensifies

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@TayTron can you please talk with the team to end this f##### endless lvl up tournament.
The game is f#### boring when there is nothing except lvlup .
We need lvl time to be shorter and we neèd something else with lvl up .
I dont want to say no lvl ups , actually I want lvlups 24/24 7/7 . But not a 3 days ones .
Blitz wars would be awesome, Onslaught, hordes, SR , raids , AOW , territories…
See you have almost 6 other events one each day of the week would be great

Hopefully during this time you guys fix laopo’s bug so that she uses her active turn 1 since you’re continuing to give cakes as rewards.

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