Schedule Update


Community does a poll on Onslaught… Overwhelming results saying we hate it… Scopely’s response: Let’s change the calendar and run 2 more Onslaught events this week.

Community overwhelmingly says they are tired of constant level ups… Scopely’s response: Let’s run solo level ups nonstop for 6 days.



Lol there is a pattern here


The question is! Do they even try to hear about the community? or are they just pumping out more events thats favorable to them cause of the whales spending?

The end times has come, that’s all i can say :slight_smile:


if they cared they would make game better but it scieply for you all. Here at scopely we do everything to make playerbase happy xD


I am constantly leveling all my characters so I like the free rewards for doing so, level up tournaments are where you get most of the Lilliths

Onslaught is a new event that got us league trophies and elite item and characte tokens.

I don’t see the issue… would your prefer a blank calendar?


Good thing only 10% of 500+ people don’t see the issue.


Onslaught replace Faction Raid and Faction SR. I’d rather have them over boreslaught


I prefer the previously scheduled faction events over the weekend.

Raids give more league trophies than Onslaught attacks, as well as milestone and placement rewards vs. Onslaught with no real rewards. FLUT is always preferable to me vs. SLUT. SR also provides milestone and overall rewards. Plus all 3 of those events are at our own leisure to complete vs. Onslaught requiring 24/7 participation from 30 people for a few league trophies.

So why would you want Onslaught over those?


You gotta luv it :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:, we’re in the twilight zone
@Shawn.Scopely @Hedge @TayTron


if players are playing the events and numbers are showing scopely people are playing. dont be surprised they keep putting the same events over and over. less numbers = change.


Change that to paying, not playing. That’s how success of an event is gauged.


If they are now keeping the new event it just means that they made a lot of money from that event. Especially if it’s replacing the normal events i.e faction events


Maybe they tweaked it?

It could be interesting if you could clear the board with 10-15 phase 1.


like beta…15 min rnd…3 lives




Come on everyone…
If all 30 of your teammates would get their act together and successfully use all 7 of their hits, battles would only last maybe 10 minutes.

Easy rewards…
We just need more chances to realise that…
Kind of like they’ve done for level up tourneys!


Let’s not forget the removal of a raid tournament in favour of a level up when their are items dropping in raids for the museum event and now the Halloween event. Not gonna bother wasting cans for either of those useless events.


bump the truth


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