Scenario with this error


Dueling in the Twilight Zone…


There is a bug logged for this planned to be fixed for a future update.


Trippy, feel like i’m getting vertigo staring at that ss.

I kinda want it to be a mode we can toggle on and off though :stuck_out_tongue:


Heh, if only it wasn’t specific to certain devices…

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I hijacking this thread a bit, coz i don’t want to open a separate topic for a tiny bug and I see the devs are here.

There is another minor visual bug with the Doubloon event. I did my first pull from the stash, and it shows that I still have one.

Ps: I really like the spooky friendly duel scene :smiley:

My does too, pretty sure it’s showing you the cost and not the inventory

Yeah it looked like that before i collected my first one, i was confused and thought i started with one until i tried to use it.

Is this Morgan?

No, this is Gyigas!

Don’t! It looks cool af