Scavenger revamp


Lets be honest the only time you’re scavenging is when you’re trying to get the “you got lucky” mission. Imagine if we could get ascension medals, gear we actually need, weapon parts that are worth an f. Does anyone have any other ideas for scavenging other than xp missions? :joy:


Great idea. They need to overhaul the entire mission structure. First thing that needs to happen is every mission that;s just wood needs to go. Second thing is that the only mission we care about is you got lucky. This needs to be in there all the time. The cool down of 12 hrs is fine with the choice to refresh it. This is the only way to be fair to every player. Third thing is to relax the cool down timers on the useless missions. It’s not right to have 5 missions on a 10 day cool down most of the time. Let’s make it happen Scopely.


Yea but man that one takes 5 friggin days, I need that 6s for the survival road events and dailies, I’m at 325 so can’t afford to lose one just to level up one AR


I love the short missions with random world refill bonuses.


if you kknow how to manage your missions it’s not that difficult to get you got lucky.

That’s jsut me after 1 year of scavenging :slight_smile:


Many smaller missions are still useful, mainly for scourging up survivors/additional wood. I did ask them about a revamped scavenger system and they said that’s not a priority at this point.


I like the missions I can skip like 300 4* and the gold level tokens.