Scavenger missons xp

I use the “You got lucky” scavenger mission to level up my characters every time I can and I noticed that it doesnt give you 100 xp it gives you 25 for 4 characters so could they change this so it actualy gives 100 xp cause I level up 3 characters at a time and a xp boost would be helpful

It gives you 100k, evenly split among the characters on the mission. If you send 4, they each get 25k. If you send 3, they each get 50k, etc. If a character exceeds max level for their tier, and excess XP is lost.


Ok I always sent 4 with one maxed so I tought that was just how it worked

In a scenario if you have 4 toons in there and one is maxed.

The 3 toons will get 25k xp if they dont cap before that.

The maxed toon doesn’t recieve the xp even though it was split towards the toon. The excess xp lossed on the maxed toon would be 25k.

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xp ratios on 100k mission

1 toon= 100k ea.
2 toons= 50k ea.
3 toons= 33k ea.
4 toons= 25k ea.
5 toons= 20k ea.


Don’t send anyone maxed on an xp mission


I mean unless you need them to meet mission requirements and dont have any others to use

:thinking: Wait a second that’s not right…you meant to say 33k each when you send 3.

Think we might have to suspend your geek card for a day or two. jk :laughing:

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Yeah sorry I’m definitely under the weather here, foggy brain. Instead of revoking my geek card, can you find someone to spank me?


Jasper from the Simpsons is always up for a paddlin’ :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Just made prestige 8 dont see the mission.?


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Did you meet all the requirements? Prestige 8, level 10 scavenger camp, first 10 gold missions complete?

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That gold-mission mechanic needs to be changed… those who are aware are permanent Over-Powered for level ups… which seem to be important nowadays


So i dont have to complete generator x for ygl. I have various sc atleast lvl 10.

So true if only I had know back then to not do any of the stupid gold missions.

They sorta tried yet still failed to help make it even by requiring everyone do the first 10 gold missions but that’s not enough.

Either go the nasty route and require everyone to complete all 20 gold missions so we are all screwed or do the right thing and just fix the problem. Have YGL always available on it’s normal cooldown so people can either wait the 12 hours to use it again or use coins to refresh it. Coins make you money…remember?

Here’s another though. Completely scrap the existing system and start over making relevant missions that apply to the current meta. This would put everyone on even footing too.

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Or just that secret mechanic.
Its far simpler and they have a nasty habit of putting a spin on anything new

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ygl is gone missing on my account again!

If you’ve met all the requirements, then it will appear randomly just like every other scavenger mission appears. Do other missions (or start/abort) until it appears.

I find that it can disappear for hours at a time. Running and aborting missions just ends up in a full line-up of missions in cool down.