Scavenger mission

add a new scavenger mission. the old ones are already boring. it’s worth going only for 100k exp missions and for missions with tokens

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They need to add new 1s it’s been real long time I think last time they added some was 1 armory 1st came out. Scraps mission should have 1 even mods

Like 2016 recently?

I don’t believe they changed Scavenger missions since the prestige missions were added. That was 2016

Should add a universal bi-daily 100k exp 12 hour mission. My YGL runs like clockwork but shoutout to those who actually have to manage with 1 a week!


it was me 2 days ago but know they back again. as for me they should remove all common missions and leave only prestige missions

There’s some handy bonuses in some common missions though

What bonus?

To think they did 2 events using scav camps. Too bad the latter never showed up for me back then but it would’ve been nice to have special limited time missions with lilites/ulysses or special tokens.
ahh the thoughs…but why make something worth it? not the scoply way.

It you meet challenge requirements you get a challenge bonus… Sometimes world energy can, sometimes food or materials, sometimes prestige tokens.

plus coins, raid energy cans

In fact, I heard that some brilliant and incredibly helpful individual once upon a time produced a very handy guide to getting all those bonus rewards…


they should just have all active missions show instead of random few… dont even know why there is a space constraint…

the current mission rewards need major updating…If they update the current rewards, would new missions even be necessary?

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A space constraint sort of makes sense, but it should always prioritise available missions and never end up full of missions on cool down.

Not that they will, but I suspect that everything could quite simply be updated with minimal fuss. So food and wood amounts could be increased, maybe by adding a zero. 3 star weapon/character bags could be replaced by 4 star weapon/character bags. The flak/beanie mission could be replaced by a walkie/school bag mission or even a watch/radio mission. Nothing else needs to change markedly other than make the rewards relevant to the game economy as it stands now, not how it stood in 2016 on release.

I concur.
Too many aspects of the game need updating.

Why update or fix old aspects of the game when they can just add new broken content to reach into your wallets. The depots, SR, Scav missions dont make then money. /s

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