Scavenger mission missing

My “you got lucky” has been missing for 3 days the entire tournament and I have to get ready for crw, while still doing onslaught. It has really hurt my progress. Any suggestions on how to get “you got lucky” back on track. I reset my lv18 scavenger camp to 14. Maybe that will help @LadyGeek you seem to know A lot so maybe you can share some of your intel.

Just 3 days? Ive gone 10, this is a feast or famine mission, you will have it 3-4 times during one levelup & then maybe 1-2 times next & then it will disappear.

Life hack tip : keep aborting other missions until u find it

Start and complete or abort other short missions, especially prestige missions. I have a theory (unproven) that if you login at a time when you’re normally not on, sometimes you get missions you never see - last night I was on at 2am (grumbles about work, again) and saw some missions I haven’t seen in a bit.

I know you guys (Yes I know you dont work with scopes)

But can’t they add another YGL map.

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